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Therapeutic, ecucational, fun writing courses to examine and understand life's events

Coached by
Carol Celeste

2005-2012 Carol Celeste
All rights reserved.


These therapeutic writing courses may be licensed and conducted at hospitals, clinics, hospices, support groups and medical associations:

Writing for Wellness
Writing About Cancer
Writing for Personal Caregivers
Writing for Health Care Professionals (including nurses, social workers, doctors, psychotherapists, chaplains, administrators, and other providers who see patients on a regular basis)

Each program comes with a Facilitator's Guide that is easy to follow. Instructions are spelled out so anyone--nurse, administrator, social worker, staff development officer, support group facilator, and others--can lead the sessions.

In addition to the Facilitator's Guide, which arrives as a Word attachment by email, you receive handouts or links to handouts for each session plus a course survey for participants to complete so you get feedback about the effectiveness of the program.

Fun and educational programs you can lead at retirement/assisted living communities or senior centers will be available soon. Please check back.

For more information on licensing, email with the name of the program(s) that interest you in the subject box.