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 Writing to Sell

Does the urge to see your byline in print below the titles of your personal essays tempt you to submit your work for publication?

Or, perhaps you have some writing credits but would like to earn more for your efforts.

Two steps will help you reach published status, and earn more from your writing. Step one is to learn the basics of the writing business. Step two is to plan your selling strategy. Fortunately, you can take both steps at the same time. The Writing to Sell course shows you how.

Many students of Writing to Heal, Writing to GrowSM classes express interest in selling their work after taking the courses; selling not only personal essays, but other types of writing their experience with the courses encourages them to try. Whether you're starting a writing career, have a collection of credits, or have one or two pieces you want to sell, Writing to Sell shows how to improve your chances of meeting your writing goals.

Each week, for four weeks, you receive a lesson by email. Weekly assignments get you started on your plan so you execute it as you develop it. You choose the topics for each assignment based on your writing interests. Quizzes test your grasp of the material.

Writing to Sell shows how to:

- negotiate first and subsequent rights to your advantage.
- plan for multiple sales before doing research.
- explore creative slants to existing works.
- find and approach markets beyond the obvious and traditional.

This class is for any adult who wants to explore publication and for any published writer who wants to increase placement of written works. Writing to Sell is about the business of selling your writing, not about how to compose works of publication quality. Experienced writers will benefit quickly if they practice the techniques taught in Writing to Sell. Beginners will shorten the learning curve to successful competition in today's market.

Writing to Sell
Start Date: Every Friday
Duration: Four weeks
Price: $100
Prerequisites: Some writing experienced recommended

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