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Writing for Wellness

A writing workshop to promote and maintain wellness

Considerable research shows that expressive writing reduces stress and strengthens the immune system, both important factors in maintaining wellness. In addition to freeing emotions, when people write their deepest thoughts and feelings about stressful events their heart rates slow, their bodies are better able to fight infection, they experience a general sense of well-being and make fewer doctor visits.

In one study 50% of participants said they felt a great deal of job-related stress and 3/4 said they felt job burnout. Another study indicated that 32% had missed up to two weeks of work in a year from stress-related causes and 24% took up to five pain relievers a day to deal with stress.We aren't always aware of the stress in our lives but it comes from every facet of living. It has long been known that repressing anxieties causes stress which contributes to illness.

Expressive writing involves exploring your inner self—your experiences, opinions, responses to the world around you. This type of writing causes you to reflect on thoughts and feelings that you may keep buried, often leading you to solutions and relieving harmful stress to strengthen the immune system and promote wellness.

Resesarch indicates that expressive writing gives greater health benefits when those who practice it are coached with the guidance of a trained facilitator in the proper techniques. Writing for Wellness offers an opportunity to let out those deep-set stresses that can make you sick. Writing for Wellness licenses can be obtained by fitness trainers, spas, clinics, organizations and individuals interested in helping clients maintain and improve their wellness quotients and improve their working memory.

Email and put Licensing Information in the Subject field to request information on licensing this program.