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Therapeutic, personal essay writing courses to examine and understand life's events

Coached by
Carol Celeste

� 2005-2010 Carol Celeste
All rights reserved.


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This is a six-session course designed for students who want to learn more than just the basics about writing personal essays. If you want to expand your knowledge of writing from your life, and/or you have an eye toward publishing, this course will equip you with the tools for developing expertly crafted essays of a personal nature.

Students will receive an emailed lecture every 2 weeks with a written assignment that is to be emailed to Carol. She will return detailed critiques of each essay. In addition to gaining mastery in the craft of writing personal essays, students will learn what is required to submit essays for publication. Students are asked to read and comment on published personal essays and memoirs while enrolled in this course.

Writing Personal Essays--Advanced
Start Dates: Every Friday
Duration: Six 2 week sessions
Price: $150
Prerequisite: Students must have completed either Writing Personal Essays or Your Life in Essays, or submit a personal essay and cover letter to Carol showing proficient writing ability and understanding of personal essays.

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