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Writing For Personal Caregivers

A therapeutic writing workshop for caregivers

Research shows that caring for a loved one on a regular basis produces stress, illness, and a higher frequency of death. Depression and anxiety result when caregivers sacrifice their own health by caring for the health of others. Whether you care for a spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or other relative; whether that person lives with you or you visit regularly - your focus on caring for another takes a toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

Writing for Personal Caregivers offers an opportunity to bring up to consciousness and let out those feelings that you keep inside. In addition to helping you free up your emotions, writing may have medical benefits for you, too. Studies show that when some people write their deep thoughts and feelings about stressful events, such as taking care of another person, their heart rates slow, their bodies are better able to fight infection, and people feel a general

Writing for Personal Caregivers can be licensed by hospitals, clinics, support groups, or any group or individual wanting to help family or friend caregivers cope with stress.

Email and put Licensing Information in the Subject field to request information on licensing this program.