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Eldercare Columns

These syndicated eldercare columns are available directly from the author. Recommended for support groups, senior centers, publications and others dealing with senior issues.

If you purchased a copy of When the Old block Chips, this is the list of Bonus columns. Email with your five selections and they will come to you by email.

#1 Geriatric Care Management Relieves Aging Caregivers - What to expect and how    to find the right one.

#2 Tips for Hiring In-home Eldercare Help - Agency or on your own?

#3 Which Caregiver Support Group is Right for You? - How to choose a helpful    group.

#4 Is There a Conservatorship in Your Future? - What you need to know before    signing on.

#5 Do You Need and Elder Law Attorney? - Learn when you situation does and does    not need one.

#6 Make Home Safer for Aging Parents and Yourself - Ways to improve safe home    living.

#7 How to Care for a Rebellious Elder - Tips for lessening the stress caused by nasty    elders.

#8 Eldercare Housing Options - Pros and cons of many alternatives.

#9 Is it Time to Move Your Aging Parent? - When is it best for everyone, in spite of       resistance?

#10 Take the Dread Out of the Eldercare Family Meeting - Tips to reduce the angst of    this essential meeting.

#11 Caregiving from Afar - You can help from a great distance.

#12 To Buy, or not to Buy, Long-term Care Insurance? - Facts to help with this costly    and major decision.

#13 Caring for the Caregiver - Ways to save the most importnat person in the care    equation.

#14 The ABCs of Medicare D - Information to guide your decision and application.

#15 Would You Know Elder Abuse if You Witnessed it? - Learn how to spot this    underreported crime.

#16 Medical Passports Aid Emergency Care - Tips for speeding up care.

#17 Dealing with Doctors and Dementia - What you need to know about    communicating with doctors.

#18 Plan Ahead for Medicaid Aid - Know when to start the process and when it's too    late.

#19 Are You Ready for a Death? - What you need to do and when to ease survivors    burden.

#20 What You Should Know About Reverse Mortgages - Learn what to watch out for.

#21 Burial Options for the 21st Century - Some may launch you into the space age.

#22 Can You Beat Alzheimer's? - Learn what might work if you start now.