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About Writing to Heal

This is a self care center

Writing to Heal, Writing to GrowSM classes are intended for any adult, regardless of age or writing experience, who wants to explore writing as a medium for recording life's journey. Many students enjoy taking these courses again and again to write on the different homework topics, which change frequently, and to reread the lecture material from a different perspective as life changes occur.

Why write?

Whether you want to better understand the events in your life, create a written account to leave to your children, revisit the past, or heal emotional wounds, the writing that we do at this site will guide you in a direct yet gentle way. Writing our stories frees up buried emotions and thoughts, giving rise to revelations about how we have lived our lives.

Reflect on your life events

How has a situation or a relationship changed you? How have you developed as a result of the experience you are writing about? What have you learned from the events in your life? Look truthfully at your life: don't just tell a story, but make sense of it, too.