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Write to Heal

Research begun by James Pennebaker, Ph.D. in the 1980s shows that writing about life's stresses helps
us heal from both physical
and emotional ailments.
Many studies show the
same results. Learn the ways that therapeutic writing helps us heal
and retain good health.

Write to Reflect Recalling memories,
good and bad, comes
easier when we put them
in words. Reflective
writing lets us record
and pass down personal histories to future generations. Visit courses on personal essay and life story writing.

Write to Grow

Writing our stories frees up buried emotions and
thoughts, giving rise to epiphanies about how
we have lived our lives. Often people solve problems while writing and become more satisfied with their circumstances.

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Writing for Wellness Video
Therapeutic Writing Fact:

From: "The Use of Writing in Healing Past Traumas..." a teleseminar interview with James Pennebaker, Ph.D., by Linda Joy Meyers of the National Assoc. of Memoir Writers. Pennebaker on his early work with Jan and Ron Glasser: "Here we had done this research showing that when people write they go to the doctor less. And then we worked with them, and found there were changes in the immune function."

Participants Say...

"Your feedback is tremendously helpful, and while this experience has been difficult, it has also been exhilarating."

"Carol, I'm aware of how I can improve my writing because of your excellent feedback."

"It is so helpful to me to have a deadline with someone to read what I write as it causes me to edit and revise."

These courses begin every Friday:
Writing Personal Essays ~ Writing Personal Essays-Advanced ~ Your Life in Essays

Stuck at Home? Try a writing class for health and growth.

Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow

The therapeutic writing courses at Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow are based on research which shows that writing deep thoughts and feelings about stressful events can help people relieve stress, have more positive outlooks, and boost their immune systems. The personal essay courses guide you to explore your past and present and share your life stories with those you love and, perhaps, with a larger readership. Please explore the site and consider taking a course.

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Writing for Wellness
Writing About Cancer
Writing for Personal Caregivers
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